A Web Site Without Video Is Like…

Television without sound

Does your web site have the same effect of watching TV without sound?  It’s there, people do visit, but they leave without receiving your message.   Take time to add life to your website by adding a video to your website that tells your story out loud.

Jello Without Whipped Cream

Like Jello?  Of course its not a chocolate fudge sundae but it is really something with the whipped cream,  it is now something greater.   The main question is – does your website have something extra that provides the Eureka factor?  A creative informative web video is what can take it to the next level.

Words Without Meaning

Have you ever read a website, several times, and really do not know what they said?  Words have meaning and not meant to hide them.  A terrible video is no better than lousy print.  Your web audience has no patience for mumbo-jumbo that masquerades as information or for text and dialog that does nothing.

Words have meaning! – Say them with style and deliver them with conviction.  Crescent Images works with many industries and know how to present your message.

A Joke Without A Punchline

Every joke has a setup, escalation and a twist but the real key to a good story lies in the telling.   Its all about the delivery.

You may think its all about the print content, but people learn and absorb information in different ways.  Print may appeal to one audience but video appeals to almost all audiences able to present print (graphics), and visually, and audio oriented, which are all ways a person can get the message.  Crescent Images who produces Houston based video productions are experts in presenting your message.

Since the early 2000’s, the Internet has increased in bandwidth speeds to support video presentations on the web in almost every home, every business today.   With the deluge of information out there today, the web audience is a impatient group, who click on if a site is too slow or too wordy.  A video grabs and reaches the audience of today like no other.   Contact Crescent Images today and let us show you how to reach your audiences with a web video.

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The Next Generation of Web Marketing is “Video – Heavy”

Today, video is the fastest growing content segment of the Internet.  With more and more broadband users subscribing daily, web video is becoming the next big thing for direct marketers.  Forest Research indicates the next generation of web marketing will be video dependent.  There is a push to have the users interact with the content as a experience.

More than half the adults watch online videos on a regular basis.  Video and rich media have the  potential to change the rules for search marketing and email marketing.  The interesting fact is that Internet video has the potential to mix multiple elements together like viral marketing, paid search, branded entertainment, paid ads, website brand marketing and direct marketing.

Now with the new broadband and mobile based media technologies, there will be even more avenues for web videos to reach their audiences.  Consumption of web videos as direct marketing messages will continue to rise and reshape advertising as we know it today.

The explosive growth of web video can be attributed to a number of reasons, including the broadband adoption and faster computer technology.    Better compression techniques allow for faster broadband networks that can carry the web videos.  Web videos offer images in a fashion we are use to with Television but with a important element- we can measure the audience attention and patronage directly.  Many video production companies are utilizing the artistic techniques of film making to reach and capture their audiences more effectively.

Making and delivering video content has become more affordable with each year, offering even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to compete directly with their largest competitors with web videos.     Adobe Flash comes on 98% of all computers and allows for videos to be imbedded directly onto websites and blogs.  YouTube links can also allow embedding videos.  Since Apple does not have a platform that is “friendly” to adobe, then the YouTube links are preferable.

Telemarketing has been severely limited in the past few years due to the Federal Do Not Call regulations that imposes fines on telemarketers who make unsolicited phone calls to numbers on lists.   Print and mail marketing costs keeps increasing.  Trade events are expensive and response rates to magazine and print publications are declining.  Marketers are shifting and focusing on a more measurable medium like web  marketing.  The largest growth in web marketing has happened in the past two years almost doubling in growth compared to a 30% growth in direct mail and telemarketing.

It seems that the attention is turning to web marketing, not only because of its effectiveness but because of its ability to track its response and effect.   It’s a new era for marketing and the demand for engaging and artistic video is bigger than ever.  Contact a video production company like Crescent Images to find out how you can reach your audience today.

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Leveraging Online Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses may choose online video production services in Houston to enhance corporate branding, viral marketing, PR and educational efforts. The topic and distribution method for each video will depend on the goals and budget of the marketing campaign. Possible opportunities for low-cost online video marketing include:

Corporate Branding:
• Welcome videos on company websites and microsites
• Video testimonials from customers
• Video case studies
• Product demonstrations and tutorials
• Employee or customer spotlights
• Video recaps of events, meetings and trade shows
• Facility tours
• Professional speaking engagements and keynote speeches
• Email marketing campaigns

Viral Marketing:
• Commercials
• Video blogging (vlog)
• Contests
• Success stories
• Videos offering a glimpse into business operations

• Video news releases (VNRs)
• Interviews with broadcast media
• Public statements from company executives
• Electronic press kit supplements

• Demos, tutorials and instructional videos
• “How to” and tips videos
• Employee or customer training
• Tech support and customer service solutions

Free and low-cost tools have enabled small businesses with limited budgets and resources to grow their customer bases and increase brand awareness using online video.

To learn more about receiving affordable video production services in Houston, Texas, please call (832) 303-1321 today!

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How to reach prospective customers with video marketing

Video communication is an efficient means of reaching prospective customers and of promoting the presentation of your products or services. The use of videos on the Internet brings numerous advantages. It is a great solution with great impact on the visitor. Houston web video production combines the advantages of “classic” TV advertising with the Internet’s most important characteristic, interactivity.

The ad becomes thus more attractive to the Web surfer, who becomes more receptive to what you have to offer. Online marketing in Houston via the use of Internet videos is therefore more cost effective than regular TV ads, simply because, on the one hand, it’s less expensive to produce and disseminate, and on the other hand, it makes customer targeting a lot easier too.

Video Marketing: A Definition

If we were to define the online video marketing concept, it would be as a marketing strategy used by companies in order to promote products and services, by making use of short, catchy, informative videos, with the purpose of inducing awareness to the prospective customers about the promoted products/services and enticing them into purchasing the above-mentioned products/services.

Characteristics of Texas Online Video Marketing

It is common knowledge that nowadays people enjoy more to watch a screen (be it a TV’s or a PC’s) than reading. Information is delivered at a higher rate via images than through text.

The main advantage that Internet marketing videos have over the traditional, text format approach is that videos can get to the point much faster and waste less of the precious time of prospective customers. Instead of having the Web users go over some pages of text, trying to figure out the message that you’re actually trying to convey, you can deliver the same message in a small percentage of that time in a more attractive and inciting manner.

When to Use Video

Marketing videos can be used when a company decides to promote, a bit more aggressively (in the good way), one or more of its products/services. They can help reach the prospects better, on a well-trodden path, that of visual advertising, laid before them by television. Given that more and more people nowadays turn to Internet in search of information, served hot and fast, Internet marketing videos come naturally to supplement the Web user’s need for new, for useful, for sensational.

Advantages of Video Advertising

If you decide to use video in your marketing campaigns, it’s a very good option. It is catchier than other types of advertising. It captures the Web user’s attention easier and transports your message to prospects much faster than simple text.

A video ad can contain a demonstration of a product’s use and usability. Add to that a human face and a very pleasant voice (or even a well harmonized combination of a woman’s voice with a man’s), and you can have your prospects wrapped around your finger. By using these techniques, the prospective customer can relate more to your company and to what you’re promoting.

Houston Video Marketing: A Few Tips

It is important not just to take the video you made and put it in a video directory and just sit back and wait for it to bring you loads of prospects. The road to a nice result is similar to the regular Search Engine Optimization way. Bear in mind that videos are a gourmet dish for search engines, so it’s best that you take some time and prepare it accordingly. Use the right ingredients, so to speak.

Today’s technology offers you many opportunities to track traffic and analyze results. Take your time and make an effort (which will be rewarded in the end) to measure the impact that your videos have had on the prospects and to measure their performance. Search for tools that can tell you how much of your video was played before the visitor closed it, how many prospects actually decided to pay your site a visit after watching your video ad on a different website, how many of these visits converted into sales, and so on.

Just because you have invested some time and effort in one or several videos, it doesn’t mean that you should leave out content. It’s still an important part of your business. Offer your visitors enough information on the site. Remember that marketing videos are meant to promote your business, to inspire Web surfers to visit your site and, luckily, convert into sales.

Many experts advise to use the videos on the first page. It’s like handing out your business card. The first page recommends you, and we all know that first impression counts. Don’t tuck your marketing video away, on some page that a visitor might not even get to. Make it visible. Additionally, give your website visitors the opportunity to skip your video. Maybe they’re not in the mood for watching it, and the last thing you want is an annoyed visitor.

Optimizing Videos for Search Engines

• Optimize not only for video search engines, but also for content search engines. A good approach would be to use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your video is placed.

• Give relevant names to your videos. It’s highly improbable that your video will show up in the SERPs if it is called “12032002.mov” rather than “XYZ- antivirus-demo.mov”.

• Use keywords in the video titles and their descriptions. Video search engines will find it much easier to index your video files and link it to your web pages.

• Use anchor text if you link to the video from other pages of your Web site.

• Make sure the video files you submit have the proper extension.

• Make it short. Say in 2 minutes what would take a normal person 10 minutes to read on paper (or on a Web page).

• SEO professionals recommend creating separate video site maps, which can be submitted to video and content search engines alike. Both kinds of SEs will index these site maps.

• Remember to include RSS feeds. Metadata can be inserted here.

• Research, measure, test, report and optimize.

Promoting a Video

• The keyword for the success of any online marketing video is “submitting”. The best choices are video hosting sites like YouTube , Yahoo! Videos , or Google Videos . The main advantages are that your videos will be hosted for free and they will not take up any of your site’s bandwidth.

• Share your videos. If you really want to make yourself known, allow users to be able to link to your videos. Viral marketing videos are the best way to make companies (and, subsequently, their products/services) known across quite vast Internet user communities. They carry a company’s name across the Web at far greater speeds than any other marketing tool in existence.

• Don’t forget to add such phrases as “Tell a friend” or “Visit our Web site” at the end of your video.

Video Marketing Service Resource: Conclusions

Use online marketing video to supplement the “traditional” TV ad campaign. Online and broadcast go hand in hand, they don’t exclude one another. Houston online marketing videos give you the opportunity to communicate important messages to people more accurately and efficiently than ever. Use videos to differentiate your business from your competitors’, to make yourself known and stand out of the crowd.

The Internet marketing videos must be short enough not to make Web users bored and drive them away from your site. Video ads on the Web must be significantly shorter than those usually seen on TV. Web users don’t like to waste time, and they are fed up with never-ending ads.

To discuss receiving professional Internet video marketing services in Houston, please call (832) 303-1321 to receive friendly, experienced service today!

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Web Videos Work For You 24/7

Houston Web Videos Work for you 24/7

These days, competition is fierce and competition on the Internet demands that a business stands out from the rest. Houston video production of products and services as well as present the owners and staff of a business definitely puts a “face” on a business.
Everything from web videos to training videos can promote a business creating a returning flock of client and prospects to your site.

Invest in a good video production company to help you reach your audience. Crescent Images ( www.Crescent-Images.com ) can help today. Call 832-303-1321 to meet and discuss your video production needs today.

From videos for web, trade shows, events, DVDs and more, Crescent Images creates a unified message for your web or video viewer to learn about your product or services in a creative way.

Houston Video Production Benefits

When a visitor sees a company site, there are several things that a user looks for, even though it may be subliminal. The maturity of a website is often judged by the content organization, amount of visual collateral like videos and graphic brochures and such.

A video achieves many purposes for our clients. A video not only showcases a product or service a company may provide, but also gives a “first impression” for a client before they even call or walk on-site. It also introduces the experience that they may encounter once engaging the company. It is an opportunity for a company to present why they are different from their competitors.

Website marketing should be viewed in terms of statistics. The more viewers to the site the more likely a successful conversion of this visitor to a client may happen. The best way to ensure better visitor to client conversions is to make sure your video presentations are professional, and creative.

Video Production Services

Crescent Images as a Houston video production company provides web commercials, infomercials, training videos, web videos for promotion and web commercials and TV commercials. Being a web production company and commercial video production house, we tune the video to match the medium where it is shown. Web commercials must be to the point, captivating and present the message in as creative a method as possible to capture your visitor. TV commercials cost airtime and must be creative to capture the eye as well as the ear with a well crafted message.

For a free consultation to create your special message, call 832-303-1321 to meet and discuss your Houston video production needs today.

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Online Video Ads and What Small Business Advertisers Need to Consider

According to comScore,   US Internet users watched 11.5 billion videos online in 2008.  Since the emphasis for viewers is for entertainment, then the question is raised for small businesses, is how do advertisers effectively present messages to target audiences?   Here are some things that should be considered in creating a Houston online video advertising effort.

1. Know who to target and how to reach them.  Is the target audience local or global?  For many small businesses, local marketing is more important.  If so, the advertiser needs to get the video displayed where the local audience will see it, including local media sites, search sites such as Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) sites.

2. Understand how consumers use commercially oriented videos.  Consumers watch most video for entertainment but when they need a product or service, they are willing to watch a online video to finalize a vendor selection.

3. Decide on the right type of video to have your Houston video production company create.  Most small businesses will be creating their video message from scratch and costs will vary depending on the production house. Many of those production houses would limit where those messages may be presented so read the fine print.

4.  Decide on the best sites for the video.   There are many video hosting sites that can host your video and present links back to your website.   Youtube, Google and Yahoo offer free video hosting that can get your message out to the audience.  Consider social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and such.  They were created for people to share interests with their friends and those advertisers should use those sites if their products or services promote social networking like restaurants or coffee shops.

Houston Video Production | Video Advertising

It should be noted that while the small business advertiser can certainly take it upon themselves to post video on many sites across the Web, many of these businesspeople lack the time to do this and the in-depth expertise to know which sites would be most appropriate. For them it could make sense to work directly with a firm or publisher that specializes in local search marketing and can advise them on and manage their Houston video advertising campaigns.

There is money to be made through the use of online video ads. To take advantage of this, however, the small business advertiser needs to understand how people are using the ads, where they should be placed, and what type of options publishers are both currently presenting and considering implementing. Armed with this understanding, small business advertisers can surely monetize the power of online video ads.

Crescent Images can help you to create that special message to reach your audiences today.  Call us today for your free consultation at 832-303-1321 to receive friendly service with help in our area of expertise, Houston Video Production.

Please also feel free to visit the many informative pages of our website at: http://www.crescent-images.com

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Smartphones Presents New Opportunities for Video Ads

It is amazing how the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses can reach their audiences. Of course businesses can illustrate their products and services with online web video ad services in Houston or infomercials but the impact of video access with smartphones is growing exponentially daily.

There are hundreds of free video hosting services out there that can help be a vehicle for a business web video commercial. There has been a definite shift in how sales is done these days and the Internet marketing through the use of Houston video production is becoming commonplace.

Houston Video Promotion Services & Benefits

A business owner should increase their presence on the Internet with the use of video promotions, blogs, article collateral and other means to let the public know of their value.

Make sure your video presentations are “mobile phone” friendly so that web viewers utilizing their smartphones will be able to effectively view your video commercial. There are various formats and video sizes that should be considered to make sure the video loads quickly and is sized to help viewing. The faster a site loads the better the experience for a web visitor and repeat traffic will occur.

So when planning your video presentations, take into account that you will have a group of people watching your Houston web video production from a smartphone or smaller format phone screen. Gear up to reach this huge growing market and reap the benefits by calling our video production professionals to assist you today at 832-303-1321.

Please also enjoy viewing the many resourceful pages we have provided on our main video marketing website: http://www.Crescent-Images.com

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Web Videos For Successful Marketing

Web videos for successful marketing are provided by Crescent Images. We are your experienced Houston video production professionals offering a variety of services including video web production, training video production, Event Video, commercial video production for the small to midsized businesses, and more….

Crescent has been serving the Houston area and the cities of Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Missouri City and Galveston areas for over 28 years. Call today for a free consultation 832-303-1321 and find out more how your business can benefit from letting us use our experience to help you!

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