Online Video Ads and What Small Business Advertisers Need to Consider

According to comScore,   US Internet users watched 11.5 billion videos online in 2008.  Since the emphasis for viewers is for entertainment, then the question is raised for small businesses, is how do advertisers effectively present messages to target audiences?   Here are some things that should be considered in creating a Houston online video advertising effort.

1. Know who to target and how to reach them.  Is the target audience local or global?  For many small businesses, local marketing is more important.  If so, the advertiser needs to get the video displayed where the local audience will see it, including local media sites, search sites such as Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) sites.

2. Understand how consumers use commercially oriented videos.  Consumers watch most video for entertainment but when they need a product or service, they are willing to watch a online video to finalize a vendor selection.

3. Decide on the right type of video to have your Houston video production company create.  Most small businesses will be creating their video message from scratch and costs will vary depending on the production house. Many of those production houses would limit where those messages may be presented so read the fine print.

4.  Decide on the best sites for the video.   There are many video hosting sites that can host your video and present links back to your website.   Youtube, Google and Yahoo offer free video hosting that can get your message out to the audience.  Consider social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and such.  They were created for people to share interests with their friends and those advertisers should use those sites if their products or services promote social networking like restaurants or coffee shops.

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It should be noted that while the small business advertiser can certainly take it upon themselves to post video on many sites across the Web, many of these businesspeople lack the time to do this and the in-depth expertise to know which sites would be most appropriate. For them it could make sense to work directly with a firm or publisher that specializes in local search marketing and can advise them on and manage their Houston video advertising campaigns.

There is money to be made through the use of online video ads. To take advantage of this, however, the small business advertiser needs to understand how people are using the ads, where they should be placed, and what type of options publishers are both currently presenting and considering implementing. Armed with this understanding, small business advertisers can surely monetize the power of online video ads.

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