The Next Generation of Web Marketing is “Video – Heavy”

Today, video is the fastest growing content segment of the Internet.  With more and more broadband users subscribing daily, web video is becoming the next big thing for direct marketers.  Forest Research indicates the next generation of web marketing will be video dependent.  There is a push to have the users interact with the content as a experience.

More than half the adults watch online videos on a regular basis.  Video and rich media have the  potential to change the rules for search marketing and email marketing.  The interesting fact is that Internet video has the potential to mix multiple elements together like viral marketing, paid search, branded entertainment, paid ads, website brand marketing and direct marketing.

Now with the new broadband and mobile based media technologies, there will be even more avenues for web videos to reach their audiences.  Consumption of web videos as direct marketing messages will continue to rise and reshape advertising as we know it today.

The explosive growth of web video can be attributed to a number of reasons, including the broadband adoption and faster computer technology.    Better compression techniques allow for faster broadband networks that can carry the web videos.  Web videos offer images in a fashion we are use to with Television but with a important element- we can measure the audience attention and patronage directly.  Many video production companies are utilizing the artistic techniques of film making to reach and capture their audiences more effectively.

Making and delivering video content has become more affordable with each year, offering even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to compete directly with their largest competitors with web videos.     Adobe Flash comes on 98% of all computers and allows for videos to be imbedded directly onto websites and blogs.  YouTube links can also allow embedding videos.  Since Apple does not have a platform that is “friendly” to adobe, then the YouTube links are preferable.

Telemarketing has been severely limited in the past few years due to the Federal Do Not Call regulations that imposes fines on telemarketers who make unsolicited phone calls to numbers on lists.   Print and mail marketing costs keeps increasing.  Trade events are expensive and response rates to magazine and print publications are declining.  Marketers are shifting and focusing on a more measurable medium like web  marketing.  The largest growth in web marketing has happened in the past two years almost doubling in growth compared to a 30% growth in direct mail and telemarketing.

It seems that the attention is turning to web marketing, not only because of its effectiveness but because of its ability to track its response and effect.   It’s a new era for marketing and the demand for engaging and artistic video is bigger than ever.  Contact a video production company like Crescent Images to find out how you can reach your audience today.

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