A Web Site Without Video Is Like…

Television without sound

Does your web site have the same effect of watching TV without sound?  It’s there, people do visit, but they leave without receiving your message.   Take time to add life to your website by adding a video to your website that tells your story out loud.

Jello Without Whipped Cream

Like Jello?  Of course its not a chocolate fudge sundae but it is really something with the whipped cream,  it is now something greater.   The main question is – does your website have something extra that provides the Eureka factor?  A creative informative web video is what can take it to the next level.

Words Without Meaning

Have you ever read a website, several times, and really do not know what they said?  Words have meaning and not meant to hide them.  A terrible video is no better than lousy print.  Your web audience has no patience for mumbo-jumbo that masquerades as information or for text and dialog that does nothing.

Words have meaning! – Say them with style and deliver them with conviction.  Crescent Images works with many industries and know how to present your message.

A Joke Without A Punchline

Every joke has a setup, escalation and a twist but the real key to a good story lies in the telling.   Its all about the delivery.

You may think its all about the print content, but people learn and absorb information in different ways.  Print may appeal to one audience but video appeals to almost all audiences able to present print (graphics), and visually, and audio oriented, which are all ways a person can get the message.  Crescent Images who produces Houston based video productions are experts in presenting your message.

Since the early 2000’s, the Internet has increased in bandwidth speeds to support video presentations on the web in almost every home, every business today.   With the deluge of information out there today, the web audience is a impatient group, who click on if a site is too slow or too wordy.  A video grabs and reaches the audience of today like no other.   Contact Crescent Images today and let us show you how to reach your audiences with a web video.

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